Mokah’s Top 5 Fetishes

While I enjoy a host of fetishes that come along with My Domme lifestyle, today I’m going to share with you my top five. For an extensive list to see all of my fetishes of interest, visit: Mokah’s Session Page

Before I start, my Top Five are actually all number one broken into the order of priority.

5- Impact Play

My weapon of choice to discipline is either my crop or a belt. I don’t know which I enjoy more, watching you jump and writhe around intoxicated by the pain I’m inflicting OR seeing the aftermath of my work

4- Foot Worship

I have majestic size 10 feet. What Goddess wouldn’t want admirers to worship her feet with rubs, licks, and kisses as well as adorn her feet with beautiful shoes, ankle bracelets, and toe rings. As someone beneath me, at my feet is your natural place so you might as well make yourself useful while you’re there.

3- BBC Therapy/BBC Worship

BBC Therapy, which usually leads to BBC Worship, is a large part of my wants and desires. I love converting beta boys to dick. Interesting fact, most instances of BBC Therapy starts way before you ever contact me. Wondering what their cucks look like under their clothes, wondering how it would feel in your mouth… or you’ve been strung out on BBC porn for a while now. After training and intense therapy, I either send you out into the world to suck cock for me or we do something more fulfilling. Which leads me to my next favorite kink.

2- Cuckolding/Cuck Therapy

Cuckolding and Cuck Therapy rates pretty high on the list because it combines my top three principles as a Domme. These three things are: asserting my dominance over cucks and sissies of all races, demonstrating BBC superiority, and proving that ALL men are used for the satisfaction and pleasure of Mokahontas. You think you’re just there to watch cuck, but beware of forced bi to complete your BBC Therapy.

1- Feminization Paired with Role Reversal

The reason that this kink is at the top of the list is because I get to live out my ultimate fantasy of being the woman who turn you into a chick with a dick. A lesser, perverted version of your female counterpart if you will… Not only do I overly enjoy commanding Black Cock Authority over you, I enjoy making your little clitty squirt bitch boy. And for the record, in my opinion, feminization isn’t all about cross dressing and wearing panties while you stroke your penis. It’s about accepting your feminine aspects and acknowledging the G-Spot in your boy pussy. Let this masculine Sagittarian energy guide you into accepting the existence of our duality. It’s your inner nature to submit…

Lifelong AmeriBlack Goddess. The Ebony Domme Next Door. Avid Gamer and Gardener. Your Weakness...

2 thoughts on “Mokah’s Top 5 Fetishes

  1. I know my place is to be totally feminized and pimped out to serve and make money for my superior

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