Restaurant Date with Mokah

Although I am a foodie and I love money, my restaurant dates aren’t just so I can score a free meal and some quick cash. I can actually just order food from Doordash and make more money just sitting at home. It takes a lot to get me to leave the house so I feel my requirements are reasonable.

I prefer restaurant dates before sessioning with you for three reasons:

1- Are you serious?

While many dream of serving, very few have the financial capacity to do so. If $50 and dinner is going to break you, you may not be ready for sessioning with me and I’m not a fan of one timers or hagglers. I understand some people need absolute discretion, but even in that case, I still need a tribute to ensure you’re worth leaving the house at any point.

2- I have you complete a checklist of kinks and limits.

No, it’s not anything other patrons or wait staff would notice. It’s simply a BDSM checklist and questionnaire. It’s easier for me to collect your kink profile through this method so I know exactly how to handle you. I’m a busy domme so I don’t have time to play 21 questions via messaging to figure you out.

3- Are we compatible?

If I get a bad vibe from you (or vice versa), it’s better to realize that in a public space instead of in subspace. Incompatibility is rare but I’m not a good fit for everyone and that’s okay. There’s plenty of other beautiful, Black dommes to whip you into shape.

When it comes to cuisine/location, I personally prefer meeting at steakhouse and seafood restaurants. Every now and then I enjoy Mexican, Italian, or one particular sushi place. When tributing me in public, I love well thought out cards containing my tribute. Extra points for a sincere handwritten message. 

Any public play outside of kissing my feet or kneeling before me must be discussed beforehand so I can gauge the appropriateness of the situation. Other than that, I can’t wait to dine with you! 

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