Mokahontas’ Cuck Therapy

What Is Mokahontas’ Cuck Therapy?

A lot of people think all cucks are either unattractive or have micropenises. That’s not always the case. Some have nice sized dicks but are minute men. Sometimes they have a big cock and can’t keep it up (or even worse it doesn’t ever get hard enough like a gummy worm). Some males just know they aren’t worthy to feel this superior black kitty wrapped around their pathetic penis. And some guys simply want to watch a gorgeous Goddess get pleasured by some good dick.

A majority of my previous cuck sessions are usually based on one or more of these 3 things:

  • The cuck has stories to tell about their cuck lifestyle and need someone to talk through them with.
  • The cuck either wants to get into or have their girlfriend/wife get into the lifestyle and not sure how and need advice or an outlet.
  • The cuck becomes super infatuated with me. Knowing they’ll never be able to fuck me, they want to hear my stories or have me actually cuck them.

My Cuck Therapy is a personalized plan based on your evaluation. 

Courses of action may include but aren’t limited to counseling sessions, expression through writing, cuck sessions, chastity, etc. 

Corresponding clip and interactive evaluation form coming soon.

Lifelong AmeriBlack Goddess. The Ebony Domme Next Door. Avid Gamer and Gardener. Your Weakness...

2 thoughts on “Mokahontas’ Cuck Therapy

  1. Dear Mokahontas,
    i’ve read the Bloq and i’ld be willing to become a white male slave of a Black Superior Woman, i’m willing to live for Her in permanent chastity and being used by Her for everything She wants to use me. But i’m seeking and begging for a 24/7/365 lifetime relation always in real life under Her feet. I’m living on Canary Islands and i will submit from the first moment on to submit to Her rules but i want to live under Her feet and not playing games. She can send me a cock cage of Her choice and i will wait in complete submission under Her rules until She will pick me up, always kept reserved by the locked up cock cage for use. Respectful regards, chris

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