Something About Sounding

Recently I added a few sounding devices to my Amazon wish list… I’ve never tried it despite the fact that I’ve been researching the fetish for over a year. I’ve also been chatting with gentlemen who enjoy it immensely. So I know I’m ready for my first attempt. I’m very familiar with CBT but I’ve never had the chance to experiment with sounding. 

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You’re probably wondering the reason behind my desire of wanting to do it now. Well, when males talk about it, they sound like they receive great pleasure from it but I can only imagine the pained look on someone’s face who’s having something shoved down their urethra. I’d prefer my first sounding session to not only be with someone who’s done it before, you must also be willing to be either tied up or handcuffed. I’d rather you beg me to take it out than you jerking around, trying to remove it yourself… LOL!

I want to penetrate your penis so I can see your true initial reaction… will you beg for me to remove it? Or will I have to duck because you’ll cum so hard that the device will shoot out? Let’s find out… 

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You can initiate your interest by buying one or more  of the sounding devices from my wish list. 

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