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Becoming a true servant of the Glorious BLACK Race, Aibu Capitulatism….

Many whites accept that the BLACK Race is the superior race. And many(many as in tens of thousands), like my wife and myself, have devoted our lives to worshipping, honouring, and obeying the Superior Master Race. We are now in the process of creating a church or doctrine of sorts to honour, support, and encourage BLACK Race Worship for all whites. We of course to encourage other races to join as well. We call it Aibu Capitulatism(surrender of white people). We will treat it just as serious as any other religion, with many life changing sacrifices to be made to appease our BLACK Superiors and humble ourselves as inferior whites. From minor transitions in day to day routines, to more extreme manners of servitude and acts of worship and selfless, intentional, voluntary white slavery. Below are a list of rules we started coming up with, this is still in the process of development, so we apologize with any inconsistencies. It will be ironed out as it slowly becomes perfected and established. But in time we hope to have thousands of devotees and worshippers. We encourage any thoughts, ideas or opinions you may have. I will gladly respond to any questions asked. It’s better to private message me, so I can respond sooner….

Day to day….

As an inferior aibu(white), you will ALWAYS refer to yourself, and other whites, as boys and girls, as in you are a ‘white girl’ and a ‘white boy’, never as men and women. Whereas ALL BLACK people will be referred to as men and women, whether he or she is a child or an adult. For example, a five year old BLACK female will be referred to as a BLACK Woman, and fifty-five year old aibu female will be called a white girl. Other races may refer to themselves as men and women, this is a rule strictly ordered to aibu people.

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Always offer your seat to a BLACK Superior. If you are on a bus, train, restaurant, or anywhere you are sitting. If there are no available seats, immediately stand and gladly offer your seat. Regardless of your age versus theirs. For example, If you are a thirty year old aibu girl, and a twelve year old BLACK Man needs your seat, you WILL offer it to him. Similar humble acts should be, allowing a BLACK Man or Women your place in a line up, say at a theater, night club or coffee shop. And if you are in line behind a BLACK Man or Woman at a coffee shop or anywhere in fact, you WILL offer to pay for their order, even if that means you are to go without. If you have aibu children, it will be easier for them to accept this as the norm, and as they age into adulthood, this lifestyle will be natural for them, and if allowed(see below), they have aibu offspring, they will be raised this way as the natural order of aibu/BLACK existence. 

Group etiquette….

If an aibu couple is out in public, and a BLACK man shows interest in the aibu girl, she is to respond in a positive manner that accommodates his intentions. And the aibu boy will not interfere and will be honoured that a BLACK man is interested in his inferior aibu partner. And for her, this does not mean being rude or uncaring towards her aibu boy, it’s just public servitude on both the parts of her and her husband or partner. And this doesn’t necessarily imply a sexual intention, it may be something simple as a smile. In other situations where a BLACK man is nearby, the aibu girl must always sit close to him, for example, if a BLACK man sits near her on the subway or bus, she should do her best to be noticed, sit closer(but not to invade his private space), show yourself to him, make casual eye contact, but always act humble. Flirting under the right circumstances is fine, but this is servitude and submission, the BLACK man will decide what he wants, and the aibu girl or couple will obey. In situations where the BLACK man is known, and out with an aibu couple, the aibu girl will sit closer to the BLACK man than her aibu partner. The aibu boy will not only accept that she pays little to possibly no attention to himself, he will encourage it, and be honoured to ‘allow’ it.  In the case of multiple BLACK Male Superiors, the aibu girl will do her best to be somehow in the middle, so she can pay respect to ALL her Superiors as best she can. This may result in her aibu partner sitting at another table, or even waiting outdoors. If it is a BLACK couple with the aibu couple, the white girl will respect the BLACK Woman’s partnership with her Man, and sit where she is not interfering with her Superior’s comfort. Unless of course the BLACK Woman wishes the aibu girl to sit closer.

At home….

Once an aibu couple decides they want to be Aibu Capitulatists, many immediate changes MUST occur. You are now living to serve the Superior BLACK Race, they will in time become your obsession, your Gods and BLACK Worshipping will be the entire basis for your life and reason for existing. An immediate change will be to stop having white on white intercourse with each other! The aibu girl will immediately cease ALL sexual acts with her aibu partner, this is not negotiable. You have willingly become virtually a slave to your BLACK Superiors, and casual sex with an aibu is strictly out of the question. Once becoming Aibu Capitulatists, you have offered yourselves as property of the Superior BLACK race, that means any sexual occurrences will be to Superior BLACKS. The aibu boy is to neither find another source(i.e. prostitutes) or masturbate, as in many other religions sexual release for the male is not accepted. The aibu boy is never experience an orgasm again, unless a BLACK Superior permits it. And for the aibu girl, if a Superior BLACK male wishes to ‘own‘ or ‘claim’ her, for his sexual needs he may do so. If claimed, she will still live with her aibu partner, but will go to her BLACK Master as ordered. She may be required for a few hours, the night, weekend, a week, etc. And the aibu boy will see this as an honour and be happy that his inferior aibu partner was good enough to be ‘claimed’ by a Superior BLACK Man(or BLACK Woman, as some cases may be). If claimed, an aibu girl is under no circumstances to masturbate or pleasure herself when at home away from her BLACK Master, as it is seen as a form of cheating, all aibu sexual pleasure is to be controlled by BLACK Superiors.

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ALL aibu income is to be monitored by a BLACK Superior(in time we hope to grow this new religion big enough that their will be monitoring systems run by BLACK Superiors to ensure aibu are not over earning, and BLACKS get the majority of the wealth). A percentage of income WILL be donated to BLACK support, reparations, schooling, home owning, etc. If an aibu couple is BLACK owned, ALL income will be monitored by their MASTER, and an obligatory 40% will be taken by him or her as a personal ‘race tax’. As an Aibu Capitulatist, your are obligated to share any property and assets to your BLACK Master for his personal gain.

aibu girls….

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If single, you are immediately the property of ALL BLACK Males, you will pay no attention to any aibu boys in terms of attraction. An easy way to accept this, is to think of ALL aibu boys as sick or diseased. Avoid them sexually or romantically at all costs. This doesn’t apply to friendship or family, all aibu boys can be your friend, but that’s where it stops, you are entirely devoted to Aibu Capitulatism. If single and claimed, a BLACK Superior owns you, literally, and this is honourable, this is what all single female Aibu Capitulatists should strive and work for. You are to accept that a BLACK Superior will use you sexually, in any fashion, domestically, will decide on your clothing, food, job, bedtime, etc. You are to worship and obey your owner at all costs! Your Master has the right, in some cases being more extreme than others, to control you, yell at you, breed you, trade you, lend you, sell you. etc. If an aibu girl has a husband, he will accept that she may be ‘claimed’ and may be gone to serve BLACKS for lengths of time, but this is a wonderful, this is what you hope for. To be owned by a Superior BLACK is not something to fear, it is a proud moment for any aibu, and an aibu male should be overjoyed that the Gods of the human race have accepted his inferior aibu girl as worthy of ownership and personal servitude.


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Once becoming an Aibu Capitulatist, it is your duty to recruit and inform other aibu, or non-BLACK Superiors in general about your new recognized faith. Like all religions, it is expected to grow through its followers. My wife and I are working on pamphlets and recruitment contracts to post online in hopes to build the faith. There will be more detailed rules posted soon, it is a work in progress, so be patient. And of course, send your ideas and thoughts on improving this, The sooner we can speed up this new idea, the better. I know some of the ideas seem extreme, but look at it as any other religion, sacrifices are needed, and lifestyles are altered. We know, as aibu, where we lie in the racial hierarchy, and acceptance of our inferiority, and submission of ourselves is no longer a choice, and realistically…. inevitable. Isn’t easier to volunteer yourself happily now, then to be forced to later. BLACKS as a whole, are the true Gods, and I believe over time, Aibu Capitulatism will conquer the world….

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  1. Being black owned a servant slave to all blacks is this white sissy destiny

    I kneel ready to fully submit completely and totally

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