Unpopular Opinion On the Fetishization of BBC

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Before I get into giving supporting evidence for my perspective, I’d like to say this:

As a Domme who happens to be an unambiguous Black woman , the last thing on Earth that I’m going to do is put on my cape for a group of males who publicly and collectively tell woman who look like me that we aren’t good enough for anything BUT a fuck.

Below is an example from a Twitter user . The tweet has since been deleted but one can view the source page for retweeted responses and more anti-Black woman takes.

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Also for the record. I understand the history of sexualized racism. Especially the type that target black male penises as an object of obsession.

I’m also aware that there are black male allies who see what’s going on and speak against it. Another Twitter user said it best “You dumb ass niggas always defending and upholding anti blackness as long as the shit is directed at Black women”. So remind me again why I’m supposed to be speaking up and out against something they inherently crave? 

I can understand civilians in the vanilla world being appalled by aspects of race play and the fetishization of the black penis. And I can definitely understand any black males who are or aren’t in the lifestyle not wanting their penis to be a fetish. Honestly I haven’t personally met or spoken to that man yet, I’m just assuming they’re out there somewhere. I have heard other people claim that their black subs told them that they don’t like it but I’ve never seen or heard that sentiment first hand.

A good example of a popular black male with a worldwide platform who enjoys raceplay is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

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That comedy skit is a perfect example of what another Twitter user pointed out back in March, “Non black women get their self esteem from black men but what do black women get from black men?” That’s a great question. What do we get from them. For a quick reminder see the tweet above. Another good example of what we get is also displayed in the tweet below that was retweeted by a Twitter user who is a Black woman.

This tweet, first tweet, and Glover’s comedy set expresses the disdain/dismissal of “regular” Black women. Even through all of that, some of y’all still want to mammy and mule for them. Not only do they not appreciate it, they don’t even want you speaking on their behalf about it. This goes for other races of women as well. Only July 8 of 2019, a woman (who happens to be a white or white passing sex worker) posted a tweet stating that “Race play is racist you dumb idiots”. Surely enough, a black male appears who happens to agree with her sentiment but wondered why she exposed this black raceplayer’s kink for “clout” (attention & engagement).

It’s often expressed to Black women that we should “stop fighting for things that black men already showed you they are not concerned about… they don’t care to be called [sic] the n word nor do they care that NBP AND WP say the n word.” This was expressed after another Twitter user explained that she tried to tell a white woman not to post the word “nigga” and black males intervened to tell her to stay in her lane. I personally think her advice could apply to everyone who feels slighted by this. Stop trying to save people who aren’t victims.

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Like why are y’all fighting for a “Thank you Queen” from males who see you as their less fortunate and less attractive counterparts? Why are y’all fighting for a CHANCE to have a copilot seat at the bottom? There are literally studies that point out the fact that “Black women have similar odds of escaping poverty as white women- until they marry black men” (via Brookings Institute).

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So pairing that with their obvious disdain for us, why wouldn’t the optimum situation be to get with a BBC obsessed non black male, drain his fucking pockets, still be able to enjoy black dick, and send him on his way without being deceptive to anyone? I’d say it’s a fair and equal trade, we’re just a fuck to them and they’re just BBC to me. I use and degrade ALL males. Black males who are well equipped are used for their superior dicks. Period. Non black males along with the black guys who lack the meat I need to be pleased are used for tangible benefits. Which include but aren’t limited to my pleasure, their money, and my entertainment. No male or group of males will be handled with kid gloves just because they’ve been historically disadvantaged. That’s never changed the fact that they on average are the most genetically superior males in the current day human species. Both men and women alike crave the legendary Big Black Cock. That doesn’t bother me. A lot of black males prefer interracial sexual access versus speaking out against what you perceive as sexual racism. That doesn’t bother me either. What bothers me is the pointless virtue signaling. The possibility of it infuriating Black women makes it hotter for them. Not only that, non black women are discreetly indulging them for profit right under your virtuous noses. A black male Twitter user, who’s username at the time of this writing is “Call_Me_The_Nword”, pointed out this fact by stating “I will not name names but I have several custom clips from pretty well know [sic] ppl in the industry but they will never publicly say they do it and have you sign a non disclosure”.

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Non black women are literally creating NDA’s so the PC police won’t come after them or their income and black males are signing it because that’s what they desire over your outrage about it. Honest question. Why should what you personally feel/think about a victim-less “crime” have any impact on the people who already know what they like? Yes, a black male here or there may be bothered by it but black males like that are actually an aberration. Most are either really into it, curious about it, or don’t care either way. A quick Twitter search for raceplay shows that women are more outraged by it than the males. Considering raceplay is a subset of BDSM, I totally agree with a particular tweet: “If you’re disturbed by BDSM, it doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy for others. Pathological behavior isn’t determined by what you find offensive.”

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To conclude, I’d like to express that I honestly understand the frustration of those who can’t intellectually or emotionally separate raceplay from systematic racism. In my opinion, it’s about the same as equating sex work to human trafficking which is absurd. The thing that separates these controversial topics is consent. Sex workers trying to convince black males that they shouldn’t enjoy being fetishized is literally the same as SWERFS telling sex workers not to sell themselves short or sell themselves at all.

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