Mokah’s Manor

I’m looking for a minimum of two slaves that are willing to relocate and live 2 hours max outside of a major city. I would actually own you and your sex life. All phone calls and outside correspondence would be monitored to ensure the privacy of My location and all dicks will be caged. 

You can’t just be a useless slave there for kink only. I prefer slaves with a background in landscaping and construction. There will be plenty of work to be done when you aren’t pleasing me and my BBC. Even if you aren’t a hard laborer (which will take priority), there will also be room for a sissy maid. 

I decided a while ago that I want to live in a more rural area because I want to own a self sustaining homestead in addition to being a kinky ass Domme. The main location of interest is in Southern California, two hours from Los Angeles and two hours from Las Vegas. My homestead will consist of vegetable crops, fruit and nut orchards, horses, cows, and chickens. The options I’m currently seeking would be anywhere from 5-20 acres. I’m mentioning this because you must be mentally and physically prepared to actually tend to the land, animals, or anything else I request. 

I want to get to know you personally as we’d need to be compatible for you to be a part of not only My property but My life. This shouldn’t suggest that you will be able to session (or small talk) with Me for free until the final move. You, along with other various subs and slaves, will be investing in My goals. And depending on how useful y’all are, My goal WILL be met in 2 years minimum. Keep in mind, My goal is NOT to secure the land… My true goal is developing that land to make My dreams come true.

Contact Me for more details. Serious inquires only. A slave contract will be involved down the line.

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